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A Tape In The VCR…

June 7, 2013

Our heroes Nick Nitro and DJ Meat discuss the Tornado attacks from a week or two ago, the old lady who found her dog and finding a dirty tape in your VCR, which leads the boys to discuss… are they old men yelling at technology to get off their lawn? And how does that relate to Jimmy ‘Jerome Wetzel’ Dailey’s Circus Porn VCR tape..? Find out “how this reminds us of our lord Jesus” and much much more in the latest episode of…


On Tonight's Episode...

A Tornado vs. A Dog – 5:00 or so

A Tornado vs. A Dog – 3:27 or so

Old Men vs. Technology – 13:15 or so

A (porno) Tape in the VCR – 25:10 or so

Real Sex and Jerome Wetzel’s circus porn – 30:00 or so

And That Reminds Me of Our Lord Jesus – 34:35

The Movie Twister or aka “So ‘That’s How You Survive an F5 Tornado” and “How Does He Shave?” – 48:00

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