Fractured Fairy Tales / Rocky & Bullwinkle / Season 1 / Various Bits

Fractured Fairy Tales Ep 1 – The Fox and The Ox With Rocks In His Socks

December 19, 2016

Sit back and relax with an early Christmas Present! During our live shows, some vocal pals of Rocky, Bullwinkle treated (or mistreated) audiences by regaling them with old bits such as Bullwinkle’s Poetry Corner, Mr. Know-It-All! In this latest treat, we follow a Fox who loves shoes, and a dimwitted Ox who has rocks in his socks in a brand spankin’ new…


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Narrator: Nick Arganbright
The Ox: Dallas Ray
The Fox: Dan Condo
Ms Frog/The Bird: Kacie Iuvara
Mr. Snake: Ryan Yohe
Mr. Bear/Seamus the Bee: Seamus Talty
Disgruntled Fairy aka Boris Badenov (unspoken): Shane Stefanchik
Fractured Fairies (Unspoken): Samantha Stark | Michael Dulmage | Keith Jackson | Seamus Talty

Tell Grandma-ma! We won an award!

The Magically Unauthenticated Misadventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle Series Artwork Was Illustrated and Used With Permission by LadySomnambule

"Rocky the Flying Squirrel" or "Rocky and His Friends" theme written by the awesome Frank Comstock. Occasional background music originally featured in The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle written/arranged by super rad and amazing Mark Mothersbaugh.

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