What is GBGPodcast dot com?

GBGPodcast dot com is the main website and home of the podcast The Good, The Bad & The Geeky. While it is mostly for the podcast, since the updates on the website in mid-2011, the site has been more geared towards covering the full spectrum of geeky things with authors/contributors offering their thoughts on all things movie/tv/comic book/video game/gadgets/music/pop-culture-based. While it is mostly tv reviews, it is a slow process. If you’d like to donate your time and effort and join as a contributor, please e-mail us at goodbadgeeky@gmail.com!

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a pre-recorded audio show. Actually, it’s a radio show but one that that you can listen to at your leisure. Just upload it into your mp3 playing device no matter where you are whether it be at your desk, in your car, or even while you are out taking a jog. We record the show and upload it. Once a show is posted it hits iTunes and becomes available to download anywhere in the world. For easier listening digestion, you can subscribe to the podcast via a service that automatically downloads it onto your favorite or just on your computer (like iTunes) and listen whenever and wherever you want!

What is The Good, The Bad & The Geeky Podcast?

The Good, The Bad & The Geeky is a podcast hosted by multi-faceted geek Nick Nitro and his musically inclined friend Jon Bettin with Nathan “DJ Meat” Haley along for the ride. Ranging about an hour (give or take 10 minutes), a new episode recorded bi-weekly (meaning every other week), The Good, The Bad & The Geeky features a day in the life of three completely different types of geeks, ranging from the hardcore to the light-based geekdom. The podcast features discussion from the latest TV/Film News, parodies, (attempts at) comedic sketches, music from upcoming artists, and interviews, guaranteeing any listener, from a closeted geek to hardcore geek a good time.

How do I listen to the Podcast?

There are multiple ways to listen and hear the podcast such as:

  • “Listen To The Podcast”: The user may click an embedded Flash player that will immediately play the selected episode.
  • Play in New Window: This will launch an audio player in a separate window. This is a good option if the user wants to move around the Web while listening to the show.
  • Download: This will play the MP3 file within the users’ browser, or the user can download the file to their computer and save the episode to their MP3 player and listen at their convenience.
  • iTunes icon: This will launch a portal site to The Good, The Bad & The Geeky on iTunes where they choose to view the podcast in iTunes
  • RSS Feed icon: Site visitors wishing to receive new episodes immediately upon availability may also subscribe to the podcast’s RSS feed via libsyn or via podcatching software like iTunes.

What is the history of the podcast?

The No Name Show was the original incarnation of the podcast starting in 2005-2006, lasting 15 episodes. Originally Starring Nitro and DJ Meat, soon-after it became just Nick and their mutual friend Jimmy Dailey (also known as Jerome Wetzel in some areas of the interwebs) mostly talking movies and television shows and other geekdom. From the death of the No Name Show was birthed The Good The Bad & The Geeky.

The Good, The Bad & The Geeky (also known as GBG for short) originally started being co-created/co-hosted by Nick Nitro & Jimmy Dailey. Soon after, our friend Jon Bettin displayed a want to do the podcast. From there, Jon became a main part of the show, the third wheel in our moped, until Jimmy left the show in April of 2009. From there, Jon and Nick rocked the show until DJ Meat started to add his own unique brand to the show in late June of 2010.

In late 2011 a new podcast series/service entitled ‘The Good, The Bad & The Geeky Presents’ or ‘GBG Presents’ for short, was launched. To listen to those podcasts, please visit its temporary home online at http://gbgpresents.libsyn.com/. To subscribe via iTunes search keywords ‘good bad geeky presents’ or ‘gbgpresents’.

What is the schedule of the podcast?

We record the podcast every other week (usually unless something comes up) on Tuesday nights, ranging from 10:45PM EST – 11:00PM EST starting time. The podcast then is edited and is posted by the following Tuesday on iTunes and http://www.gbgpodcast.com.

What is format of the podcast?

The show has always been about the entertainment field of some sort, and has evolved into a hodgepodge of ‘day in the life’ stories from the hosts, the point where sometimes it doesn’t really even mention entertainment-based things. For a show entitled “The Good, The Bad & The Geeky” though, this has been misleading. But it has also given listeners a chance to fully flesh out our personalities to our listeners and as such the show has begun a re-birthing process; overall the year of 2011 has been a good one planting the seeds for further change. Starting in Episode 150 the show has become more entertainment based again, offering different segments, including a new segment about television especially called ‘Jerome Wetzel TV’, guest-hosts to discuss certain topics ranging from film, music, television, comic books, video games and much more.

How do I advertise on the show?

Please e-mail us at goodbadgeeky@gmail.com with what you’d like or for a bit more information on what we offer click here!

I want to contact someone on the show. How Do I contact the show?

There are more than a few ways to contact those involved with the podcast. To contact the show directly, you can reach us via e-mail at goodbadgeeky@gmail.com!
You can also call us using skype username nicknitrodj or calling 614/364-4088.
On twitter the GBG Crew can be reached accordingly:
The Podcast / Nick Nitro
Jon Bettin
DJ Meat (Nathan)
Jerome Wetzel TV hosts Jerome ‘Jimmy Dailey’ Wetzel
Jerome Wetzel TV co-host PJ Schultz
GBG Presents