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Incinerate: Infinite

Our heroes Nick Nitro and DJ Meat dig into first thoughts after 2 hours or so of gaming the new XBox 360 version of Bioshock: Infinite. We talk about first thoughts on the adventures of Booker DeWitt in the sky-city of Columbia. We also talk about many other things such as visiting Disney, television shows, classic Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny cartoons, and much more in the latest episode (sponsored by and TheTVKing) of…


On Tonight's Episode...

Big Bird and the City of Columbuia and the movie Sucker Punch: 1:00

Thoughts on Two Hours of Bioshock: Infinite: 3:05

Bioshock’s Incinerate: 11:01

The many faces past and present of Daffy Duck: 12:13

Going to Disney Theme Parks: 21:23 (or so)

Hypothetically, let’s talk underwear: 32:53

That’s how the Zombie Apocalypse Starts + Game of Thrones: 36:47

Wilfred: 65:01

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