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Our heros Nick Nitro and Jerome “Jimmy” Wetzel nerd out over some new audio equipment used for the podcast, and then move onto other hefty pursuits: Time Warner vs. CBS, if Water Intoxication is a real thing, and the importance of Twekring! They also ponder the idea behind ABC’s decision to split a lot of their television season in half with no reruns, and we also discuss the beauty that is Batfleck (Ben Affleck as Batman) vs. The Man of Steel. We discuss all this and much more in the latest episode of…


On Tonight's Episode...

Nerding Out Over Audio Gadgets – 8:02 or so

“Evil Bastard” aka Time Warner vs CBS – 13:44 or so

“You’re like a fucking cat!” – 23:53

Water Intoxication + Relationship Advice – 31:00 or so

Blurred Lines – 42:50 or so

Batfleck vs. The Man of Steel – 50:00 or so

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy + BBC’s Being Human finale – 53:57 or so

The Internet + Netflix – 62:51 or so

ABC Splitting Their Season (to the end of show) – 68:00 or so

Chris’s podcast discussing Jessie’s song – click here

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